Travel Book Review: I Went To Gdansk With Somebody

How A Northern Irishman Ended Up Living In Poland by Jonny Blair 


A Nonlinear Narrative of Life's Unpredictability - Discover Jonny Blair's riveting journey from Northern Ireland to Poland, a captivating blend of adventure, introspection, and cultural exploration. Buy the book on Amazon.

From Football Victories to Ice Cream Huts - A Startling Prelude - Explore the extraordinary events triggered by a Northern Ireland football victory, leading Jonny Blair from Bournemouth's ice cream huts to Georgia's windy cave towns.

Vivid Descriptions and Fresh Discoveries - Delve into the vivid descriptions of places, from revelry in Poznan to chilling visits to the German Death Camps, each chapter offering a new destination and fresh challenges.

Beyond Travelogue - Jonny Blair's Mosaic Life - Experience more than a travelogue as Jonny Blair weaves his roles as a barman, teacher, PR rep, and broccoli farmer into a rich narrative, inspiring those yearning for unconventional experiences.

Football, Friends, and Beer - A Sense of Camaraderie - Join the camaraderie of football, friends, and beer as Blair's passion for the sport, and unique comparisons between George Best and Kazik Deyna, add a distinctive touch to the storytelling.

Personal Reflections and the Unwiltable Heart -Delve into the personal reflections of Jonny Blair, revealing a string heart and boundless mind, rejecting laziness, dishonesty, and monotony, offering an authentic and refreshing read.

I Went To Gdansk With Somebody: How A Northern Irishman Ended Up Living In Poland - Experience the odyssey of a Northern Irishman, filled with thrills, mishaps, and the unyielding spirit, making Jonny Blair's storytelling a must-read for those seeking the unexpected in travel literature.